You have the ability, I have the stage, if you are the talent, please join us.

We are thirsty, we only care you have the talent and dreams, and to realize their action and strength; we do not provide a simple job, we give you is a life-long struggle for whom the cause; here you can choose to do business, and we always believe you than others do better; here we don't need horses, because we have enough broad field as you ride.

Talent Policy

Weibo selection view - Heiner Sea pool essence

With a wide range of global vision to absorb talent, with advanced cultural concepts integration of talent, with scientific management mechanism to motivate talent, talent to provide a platform and opportunity to display their talent.

The Concept of Weibo Education - Renewing Knowledge and Improving Quality

Pursue the principle of life-long education for staff, and continuously improve the quality and ability of staff, to promote the staff to adapt to the needs of different positions, as soon as possible to play expertise.

Weibo view of people - conduct first performance first

Is the "performance first", performance is a person's contribution, it is a concrete manifestation of ability. Talent and ability of talent development is really need the company's human resources.

Weibo keep people view - "cause people to stay, treatment to keep people, feelings keep people"

Respect, trust, care for each employee, the importance of personal value of employees reflected. In harmony, mutual respect, love, friendship and help share the atmosphere of happiness for employees to achieve personal career, improve the quality of life, to win social respect.